D&L has been in Malaysia for over 23 years. Apart from having a wide market of 13 states in the Malaysia wedding industry, it has also expanded into China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and many other parts of Asia and Europe.

Established in 1987, founders Daniel Tang and Leslie Lee both had over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry. They had weaved and made beautiful wedding dreams comes true. Traditional wedding ornaments like candles, musical instruments, lion and dragon dances all took on a brand new contemporary essence in D&L's wedding world.

Daniel and Leslie pay much attention to the materials and ornaments for the wedding gowns. From textiles and threads from Korea and Thailand to laces from France, they ensure that the completed wedding gowns are of the highest quality.

From 1999 to 2006, D&L launched its "19th Century Fairy Tale" wedding series - biggest wedding fair in Asia. Included in this series was a wedding gown with 3,000 crystals as ornaments and also a Victoria style 'environmental friendly gown' made from wood fibre. Apart from this, there was also a range of mordernised Chinese traditional cheong sam - a fusion of traditional eastern values with Western designs and concepts.

Daniel and Leslie had given the wedding industry a brand new wave with their unique concepts and designs for wedding gowns, thus enabling them to stay abreast and lead the Malaysia wedding industry.


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